This app allows you to create a 360° video from your raw fish-eye video and upload it to YouTube, including adding the video tags for 360° YouTube videos.

You can render your videos or simply tag them with the required 360° meta-data and upload them to your YouTube account with only a few clicks with this app.

360Tube takes raw video / image footage from a fish-eye camera with one or multiple lens and creates a single equi-rectangular video from it and saves it to YouTube to view it as an interactive 360° video.

Out off the box we support Samsung Gear 360, EleCam 360, Ricoh Theta S, and PanoView.

However the camera settings are fully configurable through a graphical interface. This will allow you to use any fisheye camera with 360Tube.

This app includes the following features:
– 360° video rendering on your phone
– 360° fast rendering on your PC
– Upload your 360° video to YouTube
– Injecting your videos with the required 360° tags
– Built in file browser
– 360° video viewer
– Standard 2D video viewer
– Visual adjustments of the render attributes
– Render single or dual-lens raw material
– Download of raw test video material
– Render to different 360° video resolutions

Once you configure the Yaw, Roll, and Pitch of the recorded video you can start the rendering process either on your Android device itself, on your Home PC ( Additional application needs to be installed ) or in the cloud.