Nearby helps you to discover places around you. You can discover restaurants, gas stations, public transportation and much more

If you want to find a nearby park or a nearby bank. Nearby helps you to discover your surroundings. You can easily find what you are looking for from the main page.

The main screen allows you to easily navigate, so you can view all local places around you on a geo map. Find places nearby.

Nearby works globally. You can discover anything you are looking for with nearby, such as :
– ATMs
– Banks
– Gas Stations,
– Restaurants
– Bars
– Cafés
– Hospitals
– Shopping Malls
– Hotels
– Taxis
– Movie Theaters
– Beauty Salons
– Emergency Centers
– and more
Nearby is great if you have ever been out and about and wanted to find a bar, café, grocery store, or bank nearby which you want to reach quickly. When you’re in a place that you don’t know well, it’s easy to search for hours to find what you are looking for, but in this day and age why should you need to when the internet is at your fingertip ?

Places nearby is available for free from the Google App Store. When you open Nearby for the first time you will be asked for permissions to access your location. We strongly advise that you tap yes, as doing so will unlock the real power of the app.

Using your location data, you can search the area around you for a whole range of things, from hospitals to movie theatres, and car parks to bars. Tapping on a category will not only give you a list of places you may find useful, it will also drop pins on a map to show you precisely where they are situated. Tapping one of these pins will display the name and location of the place you want to visit.

Tapping on the microphone on the main screen also allows you to use this app hands-free and simply tell Places Nearby what you are looking for.

On the Settings screen of Places Nearby you can set the searchable range, change the units from km to miles, change the sort priority based on reviews or the distance, switch the travel mode from driving to walking, and also enable or disable the utilization of your current location.

This app works perfectly and best of all, you can download it completely free from the app store.