With this easy to use app you can revert videos and show your friends some stunning magic tricks. This awesome app is super entertaining and allows you to share the results with your friends on YouTube, Instagram, etc.

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Reverse Video Magic can also modify the replay speed, and flip or rotate the video in order to make slow and fast motion videos for even more stunning effects.

Reverse Video Magic is the easiest and most intuitive app to revert your original videos. It allows you to select from your file system, form the Media Library or lets you use your camera to film and revert a video immediately.

Features of the Reverse Video Magic app

1. The video to be reversed can be chosen from the phones gallery, a file browser, or filmed with your Camera.

2. Allow storage of videos to external SD Card.

3. This Reverse Video Magic app supports speed adjustments of your video.

4. You can chose to revert both audio and video or video only and leave the audio untouched with Reverse Video Magic.

5. You can re-scale your original video to save time and bandwidth when you want to share the results with your friends.

6. Reverse Video Magic also allows you to rotate your input videos.

7. This app supports multiple input video formats such as Mp4, AVI and 3gp and many more.

8. You can also preview the reversed video before sharing the magic results using this Reverse Video Magic app.

9. The videos are added to your Media Library and stored for easily selection.

10. Share the reversed video with your social media buddies on Facebook, YouTube, Gmail etc.

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